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Today’s car and truck buyers are more fickle than ever. Brand loyalty, formerly a hallmark of the automobile industry, has been virtually eliminated by an ever-growing buyer’s market filled with a dizzying number of new brands, models and segments. Increasingly, automakers and new-vehicle dealers must tailor their products to the tastes of specific consumer segment to ensure sales and profits.

Infotainment continues to be a key driver of vehicle sales in virtually every segment. The growth of everything from CD changers to DVD systems has forced automakers to keep pace or lose their place in line. Just as satellite radio burst onto the scene a few years back, HD Radio broadcasting is moving forward as the next game changer in automotive infotainment.
For new-vehicle dealers, HD Radio, regardless whether it is an OEM or aftermarket-installed unit, provides opportunities to increase customer satisfaction, increase parts and service revenues and increase profits. 

HD Radio offers new-vehicle dealers:

  1. The ability to meet customer needs and desires; advertise digital radio systems.
  2. Additional profit through selling an optional factory-installed HD Radio receiver.
  3. Additional revenue/profit potential in aftermarket units where factory-installed equipment not available.
  4. Simpler installation than both satellite and navigation systems because there is no need for an additional, external antenna.
  5. No subscription fees for customers; therefore, a better chance of selling them a HD Radio option in the future.

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