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What are Data Services?

In addition to unsurpassed audio quality on the AM and FM band, the deployment of iBiquity Digital's HD Radio technology allows broadcasters to offer an ever-expanding range of new digital information and entertainment services. Consumers will not only enjoy improved audio quality and on-screen text messages, but they will benefit from increased control over their listening experience, new multicast audio channels and valuable information services. These and future capabilities are made possible through HD Radio innovation and efficient use of the digital AM and FM spectrum.

Leveraging this technology, content providers, advertisers and broadcasters will be able to reach their customers with new and exciting mobile data services all delivered via the most cost-effective wireless transmission system.

iBiquity has worked closely with its broadcaster and receiver partners to develop the 1st generation data services and ensure rapid rollout and support. In addition, this group has developed the roadmap and technical foundation to support the rapid introduction of advanced applications services and enable cross-platform integration.


1st Generation Data Services - Program Service Data (PSD) for Main (MPSD) & Supplemental Program Service Data (SPSD)

  • Utilizing the established standard ID3 format, information services will provide listeners more information on their favorite song, CD title, and artist. In addition, information and host profiles will complement audio commercials and talk radio formats. 

  • HDP is a new HD Radio streaming format for distributing HD Radio Content. The first release of HDP would only include PSD, but later releases could include audio or other types of data to facilitate network distribution architectures. 

Traffic ServicesIncluding TMC Traffic Message Channel over HD Radio Broadcasting 

Utilizing the established standard for RDS/TMC, the Traffic Message Channel (TMC) is a data application for broadcasting real-time traffic information. Data messages are received and decoded by a TMC-based receiver in conjunction with HD Radio devices and navigation systems. Traffic services are delivered to the driver in a vehicle in a variety of ways and the most common of these is a TMC-enabled navigation system. These systems can offer dynamic route guidance - alerting the driver of a problem on the planned route and calculating an alternative route to avoid the incident.

The Future Services 

  • Listener-controlled main audio services providing the ability to pause, store, fast-forward, index, and replay audio programming via an integrated program guide with simplified and standard user interface options.
  • Multiple Secondary audio services will be delivered in addition to the main audio service for quick and easy listener playback.
  • Supplementary data delivery that will allow providers of in-vehicle Telematics, navigation and rear-seat entertainment systems to take advantage of the existing nationwide reach of existing broadcasters to cost-effectively and automatically update their systems with new information services.
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG) is a list of stations, services, programs and detailed program information delivered by an HD Radio Station to support identification, program selection and simplified tuning. The EPG will also provide a framework for more advanced consumer features including program reminder notifications and program store and replay (recordings).
  • Conditional Access (CA) is an encryption/decryption scheme that will enable HD Radio stations to deliver subscription-based and opt-in supplemental audio and data content.
  • Large Object Transfer (LOT) will enable the transfer of data files. Typical uses for file transfer will include text (HTML or plain), audio files in any format, and images (e.g. JPEG) including support of ID3 tagged APIC files. 

1st Generation Data Services - Main Program Data Services



Utilizing the established standard ID3 format, information services will provide listeners more information on their favorite song, CD title, and artist. In addition, information and host profiles will compliment audio commercials and talk radio formats.


Technical Specification
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Software Development Kit
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